Leasing Information

Advantages of Leasing

  • Limited money down and no install charges on air or water cooled machines.
  • Service!  Service!  Service!  Amundsen handles that for you.  Just call when there is a problem and we will be out and get you running quickly.
  • Flexibility.  Many of our customer’s businesses grow and their ice needs change.  Leasing provides an easy way to upgrade your ice maker without having to try and trade your machine in and get another one reinstalled.
  • Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on us.  Amundsen takes Visa, MasterCard and Discover (no American Express).  We will charge your credit card each month and you earn the miles.

Basic Terms and Conditions

  • Amundsen requires a credit application.  Over 90% of the people that apply are approved.
  • Signed lease – most leases are 36 to 60 month terms.  The actual lease is more detailed. The first and last payment are required down.
  • Ice makers must be in proper condition and cannot be placed outdoors.  Excessive heat along with improper water pressure and electrical are not covered under lease service.  Problems related to this are chargeable to the customer.
  • Amundsen will perform all service and de-scaling.  The customer is responsible for cleaning the ice maker including underneath the machine where slime can build up.
  • All lease prices are + appropriate sales tax.